Arc Flash Advisors Ghana Ltd. (AFA Ghana) is a division of Arc Flash Advisors Ltd. headquartered in Toronto, Canada, we offer specialized and niche services that address, energy management, electrical safety and corporate compliance. AFA Ghana is an energy management and electrical safety oriented company, joining together various aspects of the energy and electrical industry, such as engineering, analysis, design, installation, field services, standards, manufacturing and supply, towards the common goal of reducing overall energy consumption and increasing the safety of and preventing damage to all electrical personnel ‘s health and electrical equipment, while increasing the reliability and efficiency of power systems.

We are experts in arc-flash hazard analysis, electrical power systems engineering, infrared services, energy management, electrical testing, inspection, commissioning, forensic electrical engineering , preventative maintenance and engineering procurement and construction.

We partner with our clients to establish high quality, cost effective solutions supported by outstanding power engineering services, superior field work and customer service and support. Our staff of electrical experts, thermographers and support specialists offer power systems analysis, training, electrical field services, and expert consultation.

AFA Ghana provides innovative solutions for day-to-day operations, maintenance and engineering departments across various industries. We work with clients to help them meet their present requirements while providing a foundation for future flexibility. As the needs of our customers change, AFA Ghana will evolve and embrace new, proven technology and skills. We strongly believe in continuous improvement and support long after projects are successfully completed and delivered.

AFA Ghana services help companies reduce their carbon footprint, increase employee’s safety. Resulting in a reduction in life cycle costs, a reduction in lost time accidents and reduces the long term impact to the environment.