Airborne Ultrasound Testing

Airborne ultrasound is used throughout the world for condition monitoring, energy conservation and quality assurance programs. Airborne ultrasound technology provides solutions for locating a variety of potential problems in plants. The three main areas are leak detection, mechanical inspection/trending and electrical inspection.

Instruments based on airborne ultrasound sense high frequency sounds produced by leaks, electrical emissions and mechanical operations. They translate these sounds down into the audible range by an electronic process called heterodyning where they are heard through headphones and observed as intensity increments, typically decibels, on a display panel.

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Comprehensive Energy Audits

Interested in saving energy in your facility? Let Gratton Infrared help! We can perform any type of building energy audit desired, from a preliminary audit to a full-scale investment-grade audit to a comprehensive infrared thermal imaging audit. There is no better way to save energy in your facility than by having a building energy audit performed — and there is no better company for energy auditing than AFA Ghana!

We are an Infrared Services Company that offers a unique methodology and approach to help lower energy costs, upgrades the facility and protects the environment. We perform in-depth energy audits, analyse utility bills, and create computer simulation models, engineering designs to present the energy efficiency action plans and we offer Thermal Imaging 3D Modeling for energy cost analysis, CO2 emissions and priority retrofitting.

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