Interested in saving energy in your facility? Let AFA Ghana help! We can perform any type of building energy audit desired, from a preliminary audit to a full-scale investment-grade audit to a comprehensive infrared thermal imaging audit. There is no better way to save energy in your facility than by having a building energy audit performed — and there is no better company for energy auditing than AFA Ghana!

We specialize in Infrared Services and offer a unique methodology and approach to help lower energy costs, upgrades the facility and protects the environment. We perform in-depth energy audits, analyse utility bills, and create computer simulation models, engineering designs to present the energy efficiency action plans and priority retrofitting.

AFA Ghana energy audits include energy performance assessment of the following utilities/equipment:

1. Lighting
2. Compressors and Compressed Air Distribution System
3. Boilers / Steam Generators and Steam distribution System
4. HVAC (Chillers, AHUs)
5. Cooling Towers
6. Electrical Motors (blowers, pumps etc.)
7. Electrical Distribution system, Power quality
8. Building Envelope
9. Process machines

The energy audit will also include the following:
Power Logging / Power Quality Analysis:
1. Measurement of Power consumption
2. Power Quality Analysis (including PF, Harmonics etc.)

Advanced Technology

To be proactive in all of our projects, AFA Ghana uses the latest, leading edge infrared technology from Flir Systems to provide integrated capture reporting and repository solutions. Our infrared inspections are performed using state-of-the-art, fully-radiometric, thermal imaging cameras with minimum of 640 x 480 resolution, which provides superior imaging quality and accurate evaluation of your thermal situations.

Inventory Asset Management

AFA Ghana offers a secure on-line portal for clients to view, download, edit and set user defined access levels for reports and internal report sharing. The report and equipment list repository portal includes but is not be limited to: equipment location, bar-codes, baseline details, thermograms, digital images, thermal video, scanned status, faults found, anomaly status, manufacturer’s data, recommendations and repairs.

What Do We Do?

We perform the function as an extended arm or outsourced “Energy Department” for our clients at a low cost with world class service and leading edge technology. We assist in the application process for Government grants/incentives and our total energy solutions program provides PROFIT or positive cash flow from month-one and is treated as a business process. Our leading edge technology and unique methodology help improve the business operational efficiency and accomplishes several important saving goals:

• Lowers energy $ costs in kWh and demand KW charges
• Increases electrical capacity in the distribution system
• Increases operational safety and awareness
• Improves the power quality and eliminates any billing penalties
• Improves the service life of equipment with better performance and reduced downtime
• Lowers energy generation and greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming

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