Infrared Thermography Services

Improve plant safety, prevent costly downtime, reduce operating costs, and increase reliability.

All Infrared Scanning (Infrared Thermography) programs are NOT the same. Utilizing the services of a certified Electrician who also has a license in infrared Thermography ensures that infrared scanning has been performed by a technician who understands the effects of the hot spots captured on camera. This is of utmost importance when determining what hot spots are critical to on-going equipment performance from those which are less immediate and can be addressed during regular annual preventative maintenance. Enjoy the peace of mind afforded by using the services of a technician certified in infrared Thermography who is also licensed to work with electrical apparatus.

AFA Ghana on-site crews include staff who are fully certified in Infrared Thermography, licensed electricians, and technicians with the qualifications and expertise to conduct full and proper inspections of all electrical equipment by opening panels as required. Equipped and protected with the proper arc flash safety gear, our thermographers open panels thereby allowing for accurate identification of hot spot locations through thermal imaging. Our technicians are then able to target the specific component requiring repair and/or replacement to prevent costly downtime due to equipment failure, or worse, operator injury.

ir trans Infrared Thermography, also known as Infrared Scanning, is a highly beneficial element to the preventative maintenance program. Infrared scanning accurately identifies potential electrical equipment problem areas such as faulty connections, poor contacts, phase imbalances and overload conditions requiring immediate attention, allowing for repairs before failure or damage occurs. Early detection aids in avoiding emergency repairs and the high cost of production line shutdowns. The infrared inspection is non-contact and non-destructive; therefore, there is no need to interrupt production or plan for costly shutdowns.

Thermography is the process of using an infrared camera to detect the heat that objects radiate as infrared energy which is proportionate to loads. Infrared energy is a portion of the light spectrum invisible to the naked eye. AFA Ghana state-of-the-art infrared cameras detect electrical and/or mechanical hot-spots and record them into a picture format, clearly identifying these objects as heat images and measuring their temperature. By creating a thermal image, our skilled technicians obtain information from several points in the field view of the scanner in mere seconds. Because a hot connection can fail causing equipment damage and/or fire, infrared scanning is an essential component to an equipment maintenance program.

dc transThe information captured from the scan is provided in a detailed report including colour photos of equipment hot-spots. AFA Ghana recommends Infrared Thermography twice yearly under load for all electrical equipment in industrial and commercial environments where system reliability and continuous operation is essential.

Electrical apparatus faulting-to-ground, or phase-to-phase, can produce an explosive force with intense heat. Plant personnel and persons within the vicinity can be seriously injured. By minimizing electrical equipment failures, infrared scanning helps to reduce a potentially serious risk to your plant personnel.