Thinking of putting a Solar PV System on your roof?

AFA Ghana Solar Power Installation
The first step toward your commercial roof top Solar PV System is a Solar Roof Audit.

Our experienced Solar Energy Advisors, Financial Technical Analysis team conducts site inspections to assess solar potential and suitability of the roof structure for accommodation of a solar photovoltaic system.

Your audit will provide critical estimates:

• Solar System Sizing
• Solar Power Production
• Return On Investment
• Current condition of your roof ( we use thermal imaging for all roof evaluation)

Solar Audit Services

Solar audit services, our audit reports provide building owners the information they need to decide which of the recommended solar modifications they should implement. And most importantly, if their roof is in good performing condition to house a Solar PV System.

We can provide different levels of solar and solar roofing analysis for a building, or group of buildings, or industrial processes. Our reports give owners information they can use for variety of purposes. We can evaluate your roof for the purpose of adding a solar system to the roof.

A thorough visual inspection and complete thermal imaging inspection of each roof for damage and normal wear. Our reports identify roof distresses, identifies each suspect location on a CAD roof drawing and provides repair recommendations. All reports come complete with thermal imaging photographs, thermal videos and digital photographs and written reports to demonstrate the overall condition of the roof for potential Solar PV System installation.