Helping manage the electrical system — We save you time & money

From detailed power system studies to engineering site surveys, our services help our clients to better understand and manage their electrical distribution system.

We offer a variety of services to help manage your electrical distribution system.

• One-Line Diagrams (Single Lines)
• Short Circuit Study (Fault Studies)
• System Protection & Coordination Study
• Arc Flash and Electrical Safety Training/PPE
• Circuit Breaker, Fuse, and Relay Application Studies
• Harmonic Measurements / Power Quality Study
• IEEE-519 System Evaluations
• NFPA-70E/CSA Z462 Arc Flash Hazard Study
• Electrical Measurements, Monitoring & Load Studies
• Pre-Service Inspection
• Maintenance of Electrical Systems
• Power Factor Studies
• Testing, Commissioning
• AutoCad Services
• Infrared Services
• & More…

Electrical distribution equipment represents a significant investment, why not make use of its full potential? services, but don’t sell equipment, so you can rest assured that any recommendations made are based on sound engineering principles and accepted industry practices.

If your facility makes use of adjustable trip circuit breakers, a coordination study can take advantage of these for better system protection and less nuisance tripping. A short circuit study can help identify improperly rated devices and avoid catastrophic equipment failure.

Increased safety, better system protection, and reduced downtime are just a few of the reasons to consider a power system study. Our services can benefit your company for years to come, and pay for themselves many times over.

Do I need a power system study?

If you’re asking the question, you probably do.

Do you have an accurate set of one-lines? One-lines are a “key indicator”. If your company doesn’t have an accurate set of prints, something’s amiss, and it’s probably time for a Base Line Study.

How old is your short circuit study? If the electrical system has undergone changes since the last study was completed, it may be time for an update. Short circuit analysis is critical, and up-to-date values are essential for meeting arc flash hazard requirements. It’s a matter of “when” a fault will occur, not if. Avoidance isn’t worth the risk of personal injury, or an unnecessary shutdown.

Nuisance tripping?

If you’ve ever had a breaker trip for a fault that should have been cleared by a downstream device, your facility would benefit from a coordination study. Many breakers have adjustable trip units. Do you know where yours are set, and why? If the answer’s no, a Coordination Study is overdue.