The Harmonic Analysis Study simulates resonance and harmonic distortion in industrial, commercial, and utility power systems. Harmonic current and voltage sources are defined at multiple locations in the power system.

Capacitor banks, single tune filters and high pass filters may be included in the voltage and current distortion evaluation, impedance resonance scans, and in harmonic load flow results.

Any type of system design, with any combination of voltage levels may be evaluated.

New power systems are examined before they are built and the harmonic effects addressed during the design. Existing power systems are studied and corrective filter designs evaluated before they are installed. Every bus and branch in the power system is evaluated for harmonic content and for resonant impedance characteristics.

This study provides:
• Assessment of harmonic problems and evaluation of alternative solutions.
• Identification of potential resonance conditions and minimizing of harmonic distortion.
• Prediction of resonance, distortion and filter effectiveness before the system is built.
• Recommendations to minimize I 2 R heating losses and increase equipment life.