The Transient Motor Starting Analysis (TMS) is a state-of-the-art time simulation to analyze all aspects of motor starting problems accurately. TMS models motors dynamically throughout starting, stopping or reacting to load changes. The complete network is continuously modeled throughout the time simulation in order to properly represent the interactions between motors and to be able to examine the effects of static loads, transformer taps, generator voltage setpoints, and all other network parameters.

This study provides:
• Evaluation of motors in your system for a variety of situations including; group motors starting, motor starting with different system load configurations, motor start heating problems, and evaluation of up to 9 motor starter types for reduced voltage starting schemes,
• Determination optimal timing of staggered motor starting and re-acceleration schemes, and
• Recommend solutions with adjustable source voltage, include/exclude utility source equivalent impedance, and user definable time step for analysis.

By using motor-starting study techniques, these problems can be predicted before the installation of the motor. It may also be performed anytime a change in the power supply is implemented. If a starting device is needed, its characteristics and ratings can be easily determined. Arc Flash Advisors uses the latest software tools – SKM Power Tools – to calculate speed, slip, electrical output torque, load current, and terminal voltage data at discrete time intervals from locked rotor to full load speed. Also, voltage at important locations throughout the system during start-up can be monitored. The study can help select the best method of starting, the proper motor design, or the required system design for minimizing the impact of motor starting on the entire system.