The sun is a clean, safe, and limitless energy source

The promise of solar power is critically important to solving today’s energy demands in an environmentally sensitive way. AFA Ghana develops, designs, and delivers the most reliable and cost-effective solar energy solutions.

AFA Ghana solar solutions include utility-scale Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Public, and specially designed solutions to address contemporary energy needs.

We offer reliable solar products, including PV modules, solar water heating modules, that allow customers design and application flexibility. Our solutions are optimized for project specific economics. We design our projects to deliver the energy profile and cost structure that will maximize the economic goals of our customers. In addition, we take site specific factors into account for the design, layout, technology selection, and system configuration of each project.

AFA Ghana offers all solutions that clients need including:

• System Studies
• Design services
• Material Supply
• Installation and supervision
• Long-term Operations and Maintenance

AFA Ghana offers the following systems for Solar-related services.

*Solar Street Lighting
*Solar Daylight system
*Solar Water Heating
*Solar Water Desalination
*Solar Air-conditioning
*Special Solar Projects
*Photovoltaic System
*Automatic PV Cleaning


Commercial building like offices, school, clinics, community halls, hospitals etc can also take advantage from solar energy electrification. In office buildings, glass/glass PV modules can provide cover over atria, which provide shaded light inside the building. PV systems can also be installed on vertical wall office building in several ways, Curtain wall system, rain screen over cladding etc.

Using AFA Ghana Solar Solutions in heating and power in your home, farm and tents. No more of high electricity bills and generator problems and noise.

AFA Ghana Commercial Solar Installations


Solar energy is been in use in industry and provides multiple industrial applications, especially when power is required in remote locations such as Radio broadcasting towers, repeater stations, radio telephones etc. It is used also in water pumping, dryers, desalination, and chilling systems.

AFA Ghana Industrial Solar Installations


Solar street lighting is a mainly public application used for highways and roads inside towns. We produce suitable design to give our clients the best solution.

AFA Ghana Solar Street Lights

Special Solutions

We offer design and installation for any solar application used for educational and researches applications in Universities and Research Centers.